Little Red Hen
The Story

Little Red Hen Ranch came into fruition when a young mother, frustrated that her children weren't learning responsibility, hard work, patience and delayed gratification, recalled the story of The Little Red Hen. "Who will plant this wheat?" cries the little red hen. To her avail, not a single one of her three lazy housemates--the cat, the dog or the mouse--would volunteer to help with the household chores. That is of course until the little red hen asks, "who will eat this cake?" and all three eagerly step up to the task. Do we find ourselves lining up to reap rewards without participating in the grunt work?

The Task At Hand
Raising chicks is an ideal project for willing youth between the ages of 8 and 12 years. Children at this developmental stage, to whom these chicks are fully dependent, take their chick-raising responsibilities seriously. Chickens are the perfect small livestock that are easily managed by youth who are not yet big and strong enough to handle larger livestock like goats, sheep, pigs, horses and steer. The children raising these pullets are active members of the Bayside 4-H Club Poultry Project in Fremont, California where they study the proper care, raising, feeding and handling of poultry. 

Why Buy Our 5 to 8-week Old Pullets?

  • Coop-ready--No need for heat lamps, expensive electric bills, cardboard box brooders and fragile day-old chicks!
  • Fed non-GMO, organic, corn-free, soy-free feed
  • Tamed from daily handling by 4-H Poultry Project members
  • Taught to forage and free-range by real hens
  • Vaccinated for Marek's Disease
  • Ready to lay in only 3 more months!